Talent is everywhere if you know where to look.

Talent is everywhere if you know where to look.


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Great leaders want to support and elevate their team members.

At Unbury, our mission is to unify your people data to show you more about your employees and allow you to make better talent decisions. We quantify previously intangible traits to surface often-neglected talent like the great changemakers inside your organization. We combine surface data (from survey tools such as engagement tools and assessments) with buried data (organizational metadata from workplace tools) to build a more complete picture of your employees engagement, work habits, and behaviors.

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It’s time to bring more, better data to talent decisions.

Surface data

Most HR tools aggregate “Surface Data,” which is self-report (survey) data that shows us how employees feel and think about how they work. Many different survey tools measure employee engagement, and many of them are very good, but they're all based on self-report data and this data only tells part of the picture.

We set out to create something better, a combination of survey data and metadata from organizational tools.

+ Buried Data

“Buried Data” is the data underneath the surface that shows us how employees actually work. This is data that’s not biased by anything, it’s simply the actual metadata (data about data) from the tools employees use everyday: Who’s connecting with whom? Who’s an expert in what? Where is the informal power in how work gets done?

We've created a proprietary algorithm that allows you to learn more about your people and surface names that are often not considered for talent opportunities.


Unbury uses your organizational metadata to help surface talent that is often otherwise undiscovered, untapped, or unknown.

Based on your desired output, we import organizational metadata from the systems your employees use everyday, and we generate reports that surfaces names and information that can help you make better talent decisions.


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You can now start gleaning these insights too.

Start understanding talent better inside your organization by joining our Beta program.

Our customers are often looking for different outcomes. Some are HR executives who want to better understand their talent for talent management purposes. Some are business unit leaders who want a better sense of the productivity of their teams.

No matter your objective, it's time to start looking at these types of data. Why should we know more about our customers than we do about our employees?


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